Propane cylinder placement adjustment

In order to add a box on my trailer tongue with the maximum size between the trailer and the propane cylinder holder, I’ve decided to eliminate the gap between the holder and the trailer tongue jack.

The image above didn’t have the cylinder cover on, but there is about a four inch gap between the holder and the jack. The propane line to the holder had enough slack to move the holder forward. So I simply unscrewed the four self tapping screws holding the holder in place, moved the holder forward, centered the holder both north-south in reference to the tongue jack bracket, as well as east-west in reference to the a-frame. Drilled four new holes, used four new self tapping screws, a little black spray pant, and it’s done.

I then placed my two tanks onto the holder, placed the cover on, and am more than happy with the results. You can see that the black tank cover is just touching the end of the jack handle on the back end of the jack. The end is nicely rounded so I’m not worried about it cutting through the cover, as well, I can push back on the cover when I’m using the jack if I really don’t want it to touch while I’m setting the front jack height.

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