New storage space under the washroom sink.

The access panel under the washroom sink was loosely sitting under the cabinet when I bought the trailer. This allowed me to quickly see what was all under there (cables, outside connections, and plumbing) and how I could make a lot better use of the space.

First I needed to replace the dangerous connection of a 120 plug on a 30 amp cable connection.

I’ll withhold comments about the previous owner’s thought process behind this easy fix. I don’t like the idea of hoping this works, as long as we don’t turn on the air conditioner or try to draw full power out of our system. Will we ever use it? Probably not, but that’s not the point.

The previous hole that housed the 30 amp connection was drilled bigger to fit this cheaper access panel. I know because I can see some of the previous mounting holes where the inlet was placed. The inlet that I purchased off was around $30 all in, whereas a local dealer wanted around $120 before tax.

So I’ve left the cheap access panel in place, with nothing behind it, until I can find a better way to patch the hole or use it for something else.

Instead I disconnected the cable connection and drilled the hole bigger to fit the inlet that I purchased.

Note the previous hole size of the cable connection. It didn’t need to be that big for a cable connection, a 3/4″ hole would of been more than fine.

Now that is a close cut. The left side of the hole sits right up against the inside wall. But I’m going to pretend that I meant it to be that close. I did measure the distance I needed to be tight against that wall, as well as clear the plumbing that runs along the floor on the inside.

After cleaning the glue and surrounding area, I was able to use four new stainless screws to attach the new proper 30 amp inlet to the hole I had just cut. It is a used trailer, but it feels really weird cutting a hole into it.

The finished product on the outside. I’m happy that I now have an inlet rated for the power that the distribution panel is rated for. One day I’ll patch up the hole from the other access panel or maybe I’ll come up with something else I’ll want to place there.

The reason I chose this 30 amp inlet, over an inlet with a 30 amp cable that can be pulled in or out, is that I did not want to create a way for creatures to get inside the trailer. I’ve read posts on mice and ants walking up cables right into the trailer. This type of connection eliminates that possibility as much as can be.

Here you can see that I’ve boxed in the area underneath. This is space that otherwise would not of been available. In a trailer our size, this is huge for allowing us to pack all our washroom items in our washroom. First I used 1×2 to create a backing for me to attach the 1/8″ sheets to. This provides a solid frame to prevent any items stored in here to damage any wiring or plumbing behind. Then I cut out three pieces, the sides first, to fit nicely into place. Attaching the back sheet last allows me to easily remove it if I need to inspect or repair anything behind it.


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