New drawer under the fridge

This is what I have under our fridge. A blank plate on the left (access panel if you wish) and the furnace to the right. I’ve previously added space using an access panel under the washroom sink.

Removing the panel shows a twisting mess of cables and water lines. To my surprise, there are teed-off lines in place already to connect to an outside shower. I found this one on that has the hose wrap around the faucet instead of having the hose push through a hole in the faucet box and sit somewhere inside your trailer.

I’m not removing hose clips, so I’m unplugging cables running into my distribution panel. Then I’ll be able to run the cables where I feel they’ll be best out of the way for my drawer and for my future outside shower.

I’ve traced the wiring to the distribution panel and created slack so that I can move the cables out of the way for the drawer slides to be mounted into place.

I’ve decided on these 100lb full extension drawer slides from Lee Valley. 100lbs is overkill, but I’m okay with that. As well, I’m also getting these brackets so that I can mount the back of the drawer directly to the back wall.

September 17th, 2017

So I’ve managed to order and pick up the drawer slides and brackets from one of my local Lee Valley stores. The brackets aren’t sold with the drawer slides as most applications probably have the slides attached against the inside sides of a cabinet. But in my case, the front of the slides will sit on the bottom inside lip and the back will be attached to the back side of the drawer space. I’ll only be using the rear brackets, not the front brackets.

My plan is to mount the front part of the slide to the inside lip of the drawer hole. This way the slide will sit on the bottom of the opening. One screw through to the side of the opening and it sits solidly in place.

After doing this for both sides, I needed to mount the rear bracket against the back wall. It is a tight space for me to work in, as well, I would really like the drawer slides to be parallel from front to back and level, or slightly sloped down to the back side of the slide. Instead of fiddling with measurements and trying to place each slide into place, I cut a piece of wood to go between the two slides and mounted it on one of the last set of holes in the drawer slide.

This now made it very easy to level the slides while maintaining the correct distance between the slides. Then I simply pushed the rear brackets tight against the back side and attached each side with two screws that were included with the brackets.

With the drawer slides easily installed into place, I can now build the drawer box and try to make a drawer face that matches the existing cabinets.

October 14th, 2017

So I’ve found some free time again to finally build the box to use for this drawer. The drawer is roughly 24″ x 10″ x 10″. Using full extension drawers allows me to extend the drawer completely out (in the picture I did not have it pulled completely out) allowing me to take out what I need when I need it. I’m planning on using this for storage for our drinks that have not yet been put in the fridge. This past year we had these items in a Rubbermaid bin under out kitchen table. Next on the list will be making a drawer face that matches the rest of our kitchen cupboards and drawers.

February 10th, 2018

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