Jack knife sofa supports

The jack knife sofa in our hybrid travel trailer provides a great seating space, and when set up for sleeping, adds a good sized bed to our little trailer. Unfortunately when you roll too far onto the overhang, the whole sofa wants to pivot and dump you off. Yes its funny to see, but it doesn’t work for me. As well, in our case, we set up our playpen (play yard) for our youngest and it sits well within the dimensions of the couch. Once again, depending on where my daughter is sleeping (or jumping), the sofa wants to pivot.

ForĀ  the first year I put a couple rubbermaid bins and some blocks of wood under the overhang to provide support. This can work because we were using the bins for storing things, but were creating a problem with walking around the jack knife sofa to get to the dinette or to the queen bed on the end.

I knew what I needed to build, but I wanted to see what other had done. Here is a video that very closely mirrored what I was thinking.

So I stopped by one of my local steel suppliers, bought some pieces that I needed. I then cut and assembled the two supports at work and welded them together. I then took them home and checked to make sure they fit correctly. To finish off, I painted them black and installed them into place after they were dry enough.

After I had installed the two supports into place, I was able to remove a couple wooden supports that were bracing the sofa base from the wall. This gave me a couple more inches in height in my storage compartment under the sofa, which is accessible from a door on the outside. I could now place my BBQ anywhere in the compartment, where I was not able to do that before.

I’ll add more pictures of the supports in place when I get around to it.

April 28th, 2018





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