External Water Jug Holder

I modified this idea from my uncle’s (he loves tinkering with different things) to make it work best for our trailer. We don’t have an external water outlet, as well, 99% of our camping is without hookups. So we can either bring our own water to wash with, or fill up with lake water to wash our hands without having to run in and out of our trailer all day long. Using the existing steel tubing for the battery and spare tire holder, I used two 22″ long pieces of 1 1/4″ aluminum square tubing. I used a grinder to grind off some of the material that would extend into the steel tubing. The main problem was the weld line inside the square steel tubing, but it was quick and easy to grind down the aluminum to fit.


Note: Yes I am very well aware that two 1 1/4″ aluminum tubes are over-kill for the weight of a blue water jug, my thought was to create a more stable surface with the least amount of possibility of it being broken one way or another. (I have three young kids, they will find a way if there is one)

On top of these two aluminum tubes is a roughly 14″ x 16″ piece of (I can’t remember now if it’s 1/8″ or 3/16″) checker plated aluminum. I may switch to bolts with a lower head profile, but for now I’ve used very short 1/4″ bolts and lock nuts to attach the sheet to the tubes.

To cap this project, I’ve added a stainless steel towel holder (yes it’s a cabinet door handle). Previously we would just hang the towel over the water jug, but it always ends up on the ground. Here is a picture from our trip last weekend at Hicks Lake near Harrison BC using our new holder. Unfortunately, our 14 month old daughter has forced us to keep the soap on top of the jug this time. Hopefully on the next trip she’ll learn to leave the soap alone. I’m still bouncing back and forth on whether I should leave the aluminum as is or if I should paint it black. The holder fits nicely into our front compartment along with the many other items we have.


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