Cutlery drawer size adjustment

Okay, I understand these trailers would cost a lot more if they would be built the way I want them to be, but is it really that difficult to make a cutlery drawer deep enough for…cutlery?

As you can see above, our cutlery is placed east-west, instead of north-south as I want it to be. Now some of it does fit north-south, but not most. Two factors limiting any change to the size of this drawer without changing the entire cabinet are the sink drain pipes and drawer slides. Simple answer first, drawer slides. To simplify the install of the drawer slides, Coachmen has used over-length slides that reach from the face of the cabinet all the way to the wall that the cabinet is attached to.

The image above shows the long length of the drawer slides, as well as the piping that is behind the drawer. Lucky for me, there was enough of a gap between the back of the drawer and the pipes that I did have room to lengthen my drawer. So detach the drawer face and reattach it to a deeper drawer box and it’s a done deal. Well, that was the plan until I realized that I still had a couple long knives that I’d like to have in the same space. Looking again at the image above you can see two vertical sections of pipe. The one in the center of the drawer is the right sink drain, and the right vertical pipe is the one way air valve that sits just below the counter height. Lucky for me the air valve sits farther back, which gives me the space I need to fit my longer knives on the right side of the drawer.

So you can see the odd drawer shape I’ve made. Both depths are within an 1/8″ to the pipes. This allows me to maximize the space for this drawer, which allows me to have my cutlery in the direction that I wanted originally. I’m still bouncing back and forth on whether I want a plastic tray to hold cutlery or if I’ll put in dividers for the forks/spoons/knives.

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