Spare tire relocation

This idea is a small part of a bigger idea.

With my previous cargo trailer where I wanted maximum ground clearance, I relocated items that would get hit with off-roading and backwoods camping ‘access roads.’

With this travel trailer, I have no intentions of doing any crazy 4×4’ing. That’s not to say that I won’t relocate a low hanging spare tire or do a spring over, but the second is for another day.

Great system in place for mounting this spare, and easy to lift and drop with the crank handle that is used with the corner scissor jacks.

My next step is to buy some steel and weld together a bracket to mount the spare tire onto the rear bumper. Lucky for me, my local Princess Auto happens to have a sale on heavy duty spare tire mounts for $12.99 before tax. That’s cheaper than I can buy the steel for, so that step was rather easy. Unfortunately the mount is designed for trailer tongues more so than rear bumpers, so I need to purchase longer bolts (only about 3/4″ longer) to bolt this onto my 4″ square tube bumper. Easy fix though and it still is easier and quicker than my original idea.

I managed to pick up some bolts after work today from Alder Auto in Port Kells. That’s all done, now I just need to get a tire cover.

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